Current Board

Allyson Creel, Chair

Allyson grew up in Ohio and happily lives and teaches in Charlotte, North Carolina. She graduated from the Washington Montessori Institute under the guidance of Dr. Kay Baker and Greg MacDonald in 2004. She guides a splendid 6-12 elementary class and is the co-founder of Keystone Montessori School in Charlotte. Allyson serves as our chair, planning and managing with grace and cheer, the score of large and small details that go into making AMI-EAA a successful, productive organization.

Allyson has been a member of EAA since completing her training. She appreciates EAA for “the collaboration between teachers who are all dedicated to serving the child.”

Wendy Tye, Outreach Coordinator

Wendy lives with her family in Woodland, California and is a 9-12 elementary guide at Woodland Montessori School. She graduated in 2006 from the Montessori Training Center of Minnesota where Phyllis Pottish-Lewis was her trainer.  She brings a big vision of EAA’s possibilities to the board coupled with an eager inclination to connect our members with each other. The EAA board has put those natural proclivities to good use and appointed Wendy as our Outreach Coordinator.

Wendy has been a member of EAA since soon after receiving her diploma. She says that in EAA, “I find incredible value in getting together with like-minded people, discussing issues with them and hearing real life solutions or ideas.  I also value knowing people around the world with whom I can share experiences.”

Anna Discenzo, Publications and Communications Coordinator photo-81

Anna jumped into the elementary world in 1998 with a plethora of trainers – Peter Gebhart-Seele, Jean Miller, Greg MacDonald, and Dr. Kay Baker. She joined EAA that same year and remains an active and generous member and volunteer. Anna loves photography and has shared her talents as a presenter at our summer conference. She guides a 9-12 elementary class at Cleveland Montessori and is passionate about supporting Montessori in the Cleveland area and beyond.

Anna joined the board in February 2013, becoming our publications and communications coordinator. She values our “community’s wisdom that is so generously and fully shared with one another on EAA-talk, in newsletters, and at conferences”.  Anna loves to cook with her class and invites you to send in your recipes to share in the newsletter for the pleasure and nutritious delight of all!

Amanda Cade, Membership, Archives and Secretary

Amanda grew up in southwestern Iowa and headed north to Minnesota where she lives and teaches. After finishing her training led by Phyllis Pottish-Lewis at the Montessori Center of Minnesota in 2006, Amanda began her role as a 9-12 elementary guide at Oak Hill Montessori School in Shoreview, Minnesota. She appreciates how every day is different and can include learning as varied as the children can imagine.

Amanda joined the EAA board in 2017 to help support the community that has sustained her in her work with children. She is thankful for the EAA community because it includes some of her favorite human beings. The friendships she has made through EAA are enriching, supportive, and inspiring.

Gayle Waner, Vice Chair and Treasurer

Gayle is a native of Washington state having lived in Spokane all of her life. Gayle and her husband parent a large and happy family of five and guides an early elementary class at Jefferson Montessori School, one of the Spokane public Montessori schools. Gayle gained her elementary certificate under the direction of Kay Baker and Greg MacDonald at WMI.

Gayle joined the board in February 2013 bringing her varied background in education, skills as a small business owner, as a clothing designer, and as talented Montessorian. She keeps EAA’s finances and business arranged and operating smoothly and well while serving as EAA’s vice chair and treasurer. An EAA member for the last seven years, she “values the community of EAA and the gifts each member shares at conferences and on EAA-talk”.

Rachel Eberhard, Conference Coordinator

Rachel began her Montessori journey in Cincinnati, Ohio where she attended Montessori IMG_0332
school from the age of 3 through 11. It was the fond memories of her elementary years that brought her back to Montessori as an adult. Rachel trained with Phyllis Pottish-Lewis and graduated from the Montessori Training Center of Minnesota in 2009. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she works with a vibrant class of 6-9 year olds. A tradition begun during her summer training, Rachel looks forward to sharing her Montessori-inspired cakes at the EAA Summer Conferences.