AMI-EAA Refresher Course

  • This AMI-certified course re-engages trained guides with specific aspects of the Montessori elementary curriculum, renewing our enthusiasm, and further developing our skills. It is comprised of lectures, practicals, and discussions and is lead by AMI elementary teacher-trainers and lecturers.
  • The Refresher attracts the largest annual contingent AMI-trained elementary, primary, adolescent, and infant teachers in North America. Special sections are available for classroom assistants, parents, and administrators.
  •  The course is held in a large hotel and accessible city. It generally alternates between west and east coasts, and the middle region of the USA.
  •  Membership in both AMI and AMI-EAA is required.
  •  Continuing education hours and university credit is available to participants.

2017 Refresher Course and Elementary Workshop

Save the date:  February 17-20, 2017 in Austin, Texas

Gifts to Give our Children from the Mathematical Geniuses Who Have Shaped the World

Come with me on a journey through genius as we visit the great mathematicians
who comprised Greece’s Golden Age of Mathematics. The ideas of Thales, Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Euclid, Plato, to name just a few, set the stage for one discovery after another in the world of Geometry. Their discoveries are our discoveries and become the gifts
we can offer our children as they make their sojourn through Cosmic Education. As we
put these people and ideas into historical context for our children we can also offer the children opportunities to experience first-hand through explorations and constructions with a straightedge and compass the very revelations that were first realized by these great geometers to whom all humanity is beholden.

Additionally, we shall visit the world of arithmetic to discover those great mathematicians, not only those from the Greek’s Mathematical Golden Age, but also those from the Islamic Golden Age, whose intellects led to notions and concepts that launched the world of science into another realm. Our hope is that through working with these very ideas, our children will come to understand, appreciate and be grateful for the great gift that has been bestowed upon humankind by these unique individuals worldwide.

This refresher course is designed to provide teachers with activities and ideas to present
to the children so that they may delve more deeply into and reify for themselves those foundational concepts presented initially with the Montessori didactic materials that reflect these ancient contributions.

Materials that participants should bring:

• • • • • •

a good compass: one with a screw wheel adjuster a straight edge: with no gradations is best

pencils: both graphite and colored

graph paper

a pencil sharpener

a 30:60 set square (even though it will not make the construction strictly Euclidean)

AMI-EAA Annual Business Meeting

The annual business meeting will be convened at the Refresher Course. Join your AMI-EAA board as we present highlights of the past year’s activities with Amsterdam, updates of our strategic plan, and our work supporting members.

Please join us for coffee, business, your questions, and socializing at our wonderful Refresher February in Austin, Texas.  *Please note that this is no longer a breakfast meeting.