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School Name: Community Montessori School

Start Date: 07/01/2019

Community Montessori School
Certified by Kentucky Department of Education
Recognized by Association Montessori Internationale since 1972
Lexington, Kentucky

In 1970, a small but passionate group of families joined together to form Community Montessori School for children ages 3-6 (Primary level). Our program, which consisted of just one primary classroom, was humbly housed in a local church basement. Dedicated to the success and growth of the school, 90 families guaranteed several thousands of dollars to secure funding for a permanent location. This founding group donated time and hard work to ensure the physical space suited Montessori education. The story of our middle school formation followed a similar path. Originally run cooperatively by 4 local Montessori schools, Montessori Middle School of Kentucky became an exclusively CMS program in 2004.

Since its inception, our school has grown to include approximately 150 students and seven classrooms: Toddler (ages 18 months – 3 years), Primary (3-6 years), Lower Elementary (grades 1– 3), Upper Elementary (grades 4-6), and Middle School (grades 7 & 8).

CMS blends authentic Montessori principles with heart, spirit, and commitment unique to its founding families. We continue to value the family engagement with which our school was built. Families regularly assist staff to enhance the environment of the school in numerous ways: land care, planning and participating in fund-raising events, and volunteering assistance in whatever area is needed. Professionally-trained guides and staff administrate and implement the Montessori curriculum. We retain a strong sense of loyalty to this model and our history, which guides our students through the mix of fragility, resiliency, and wisdom inherent in childhood.

Located on 13 acres of green and wooded land in the “Heart of Horse Country”, our campus is home to a blackberry patch and an apple orchard, vegetable and flower gardens, laying hens, bee hives, a riparian habitat, rain garden, bioswale, and archery ranges. A large grant and partnership with two Kentucky universities and our local government allowed for ecological restoration of an existing stream and a rainwater harvesting tank. We use the land to cultivate an understanding and appreciation for conservation, natural processes, and responsible resource-use. Students of all ages participate in land-based education, including tending to the hens, and maintaining and harvesting fruit and vegetables.


Leadership Attributes
 A leader dedicated to the application of authentic Montessori principles and methods
 A collaborative leader who enlists the ideas of others in decision-making processes
 A visible leader who actively engages and educates the CMS community
 A humble listener who will hear and accept multiple points of view
 A flexible leader who can find an effective balance between collaboration and authority
 An interactive and empathetic leader who will engage with students, parents, guides, and staff
 Understanding of and willingness to embrace the our rich history and tradition
 A willingness to lead in the growth of our student body and facilities.

Background & Professional Experience
 AMI training preferred
 Master’s Degree or 3 years of AMI Montessori experience
 Child/human development coursework or training
 Administrative experience and/or knowledge of the following
• Non-profit literacy and fiscal management
• Fundraising skill and experience
• Human Resources
• Policy development and maintenance

 School Vision: Assists with development of strategic plan and long-term vision; represents school at relevant association and community meetings; collaborates with staff to ensure consistency of all programs with vision and Montessori principles; attend board meetings and school functions
 Finance: Oversees financial operations and spending within approved budget; collaborates with Board and staff to carry out fundraising activities
 Administration: Maintains compliance with government and AMI standards and requirements; manages staffing/classroom coverage needs; supports school staff by providing ongoing professional development opportunities and annual performing appraisals; oversees interview and enrollment process for incoming and prospective students

Please send resume to . Feel free to send questions at any time.

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: (859) 277-4805


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